Re:Peter – Short Film

‘Re:Peter’ tells the story of Peter a man who becomes trapped within a camera frame. When he leaves the left hand side of the frame he enters again through the right hand side of it and anything he touches or carries follows suit. But as the initial novelty begins to wear off we see our hero beginning to become increasingly frustrated about the restrictions he’s placed within. Constantly trapped within the frame we see. After a while Peter becomes a bit hopeless, down trodden and more than slightly depressed. But what Peter has to do… the moral of the story… is to learn to lead a life even within such boundaries. Making the most of what is around him and the potential joy he can bring into other people’s lives.

The film was made possible due to the donations of many amazing Indiegogo contributors. Thank you for supporting us in the production of our short!

Shooting Format: Red Scarlet
Production Date: January 2013

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