British Library – ‘Trailer’

Commissioned by the British Library as a follow up to the ‘Writing Britain’ film, Leeds based media initiative Studio 12 and film production company Left Eye Blind Productions were asked to identify and inspire young writers from disadvantaged backgrounds to write about the problems of their past, the potential of their present and the possibility of the future. After months of workshops with over 25 young writers, the majority of which were first time writers, three individuals were chosen to have their words put to film.

The subsequent films reflect the problems of growing up in poverty, the lack of opportunities available to young people today and the hope they have for the future. Shot on RED cinema cameras, underwater and on fire, the films provide a cinematic perspective to the harsh reality faced by millions of people growing up in poverty.

This piece is a trailer for the film’s premiere on the 3rd of March. The films will be released in April

Client: British Library
Format: Red Epic
Production Date: March 2014

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