Garnets – Dance of the Chloroplasts

Although we were only asked to record one session we really pushed the band to record one of our old favourites alongside their new release. With two sessions to do in the day we wanted to create two very different pieces for Leeds based band Garnets. We waited for night to fall across the icy Mill. We didn’t have to wait long. In December it starts getting dark by mid afternoon… And in deepest darkest Yorkshire it was earlier still

It’s always a bit weird shooting in slow motion. You have to resist the natural urge to go into slow motion yourself so it’s four times as slow as reality. Garnets picked up quick. Especially when they’re performing the track two times quicker then they would normally do.

There’s Blind Club sessions where we’re fighting each other for the camera. Going take after take without respite, we’re eager to be watching it through the lens rather than through the monitor. ‘Dance’ was definitely one of those moments where you know you’re recording something really special.

Client: Garnets
Production Date:
 December 2011
Shooting Format: RED Epic


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