Hunting Bears – Inside Track

With Hunting Bears we launched a new series called ‘The Inside Track’. Within the ‘episode’ we present a collection of material that we’d shot over the last six months, year or even longer.

We’d got to know Hunting Bears through filming them. They’re great a bunch. Always fun to be around. Humble in everything they do. Geeky. Cheeky. But when you put the five of them together their like Power Rangers. They transform themselves from shy awkwards into a sight and sound that makes your skin tingle. They make harmonies sound easy. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Either in this project or in their respective individual futures.

When you’re interviewing people to not just ask questions but actually learn the answers yourself everything feels fresh. There’s an interest that sparks off each other. It’s hard not to speak all over the mic and put your voice into the frame. We asks questions because we’re interested ourselves.

Client: Hunting Bears
Format: Canon 5D Mark II
Production Date:
April 2011

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