Other Lives – Inside Track

There are acts that we get the call from and we have to pinch ourselves that we’re going to be rubbing shoulders with bands that we’re not just fans of… we’re fanatical about them.

“other lives” are one such band. Their first record was something else. They managed to create such a range within their work. It just feels like it’s recorded out in the wide wilderness of their home state of Oklahoma.

Asked to spend two days with the band and create five pop up videos in 24 hours we latched ourselves to the band like fresh tattoos. It was one of those times that goes by far far too quickly. When you barely stop recording because everything feels that ace and new.

“Tamer animals” is an awesome album and it felt really special to be one of the first pairs of ears to listen to the new material.

The content was all compiled into a 12 minute piece for a FourPlay Session for Channel 4

Client: Pias
Format: Canon 5D Mark II
Production Date: August 2011



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