Vessels – ‘Attica’

Filmed live at The Garage in Leeds, here is another example of the ‘live music video’ genre pioneered by The Blind Club.

Vessels were formally categorised under post-rock, but have realigned their sights on techno music for their new record. They have a great reputation for fantastic live shows so this change of direction posed the perfect challenge for us to shoot one of our signature sessions, the key question being – ‘How cool would it be to see Vessels rock out some techno?’

It was great for us too to be working with Blind Club sound recordist and Vessels band member Pete Wright go multi task throughout the day (working with the incredible James Yates). After three years of working together it was awesome to see Pete in front of the camera for a change

Client: Cuckundoo Records
Shooting Format: Red Epic
Production Date: December 2012

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